What is Duterte in peace negotiations? A clown, a dolt or a dopehead?

Comment by Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant
November 23, 2018

Duterte is simply joking, stupid or crazy when he publicly proposes that the NDFP submit to him a draft peace agreement for him to approve, subject to the further approval of the AFP and PNP. He pretends not to know that there is a negotiating process or he is so drugged by fentanyl that he does not really know it.

Before he finally terminated the peace negotiations, both the NDFP and GRP negotiating panels had already made their respective drafts of the comprehensive agreements on social and economic reforms (CASER) and on political and constitutional reforms (CAPCR) and had made substantial progress in reconciling their drafts of CASER.

Duterte seems to imagine that the NDFP is like China which has enough money to bribe him to let it draft a major document for his consent and approval. But he exposes further his inane mind by admitting that he would still need the ultimate approval of the military and police.

He acknowledges that he stands in fear of coup d’etat by the military and police and he actuallly claims that his supposed authority as political leader and commander-in-chief of the GRP and its armed services is inferior to the authority of the military and police. What kind of president does the GRP have? A clown, a dolt or a dopehead?


Submit draft peace deal, Duterte tells Reds
Alexis Romero (The Philippine Star) – November 24, 2018 – 12:00am

MANILA, Philippines — No need for a face-to-face talk.

President Duterte wants the communist leadership to just submit its version of a “final draft” of the peace agreement that he said would be subject to review by the military and police.

“Give me the final draft and if I like it, I’ll pass it on to the military and the police. I will ask them, ‘Is this all right with you?’ If the military and the police do not accept it, they will launch a coup d’etat,” Duterte said in remarks directed at top communist leaders Fidel Agcaoili and Luis Jalandoni during the inauguration of the Cavite Gateway Terminal on Thursday.

Duterte also said he will not face Agcaoili and Jalandoni if they come to the Philippines for informal talks. He reiterated his promise not to have the two officials of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) arrested.

He said the communist leaders should bring up their concerns to presidential peace adviser Jesus Dureza and government chief negotiator Silvestre Bello III.

“This Agcaoili and Jalandoni would come here and talk to me. I said, ‘Why should I talk to you? You talk to Dureza and Bello,’” the President said.

“Bello is a communist. You will understand each other,” he added.

“I will not have you arrested. Talk to Bello and Dureza but I will not talk to you. If you have a good proposal, I will call (defense chief Delfin) Lorenzana and (Armed Forces chief Gen. Carlito) Galvez,” he said.

Congress, aside from the police and the military, would also be involved in the decision-making concerning the peace process, the President added.

“This is a democracy. We share powers for the benefit and the good of the country, remember that,” Duterte said.

Communist negotiators have canceled a planned trip to the Philippines for fear of being arrested.

Presidential spokesman Salvador Panelo called their fear of arrest “misplaced.”

Negotiations with communist rebels were terminated after Duterte accused them of pushing for a coalition government, a power-sharing setup that he said is not allowed by the Constitution.

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