Tribute to comrade Kim Garcia

By Julieta de Lima and Jose Maria Sison
January 15, 2021

Joma and I love Kim Garcia as our comrade and our daughter. Lively and full of charisma, she endeared herself to us while she was diligent and creative in performng her tasks in the service of the revolutionary movement and the people. She was ever willing and daring to apply herself to learning new things.

Before we came to know her, Kim was already accomplished as an activist. She had learned the principles, program and objectives of the people’s dmocratic revolution. And she had produced audio visual works and performed in cultural events with ST Exposure in Southern Tagalog.

She had a high level of understanding and passion for service to the people and she easily fitted into revolutionary work in the Filipino community as well as in solidarity work with the Revolutionary Eenheid where she met, worked and fell in love with Mike who became her devoted husband.

Joma and I were deeply pleased when Kim took the initiative to dig up the photographic archives of his last days in the fascist prison of Marcos in 1986 and his initial days of freedom. In the Netherlands, she took still photos and videographed us several times in interviews, book launches and other special events and occasions.

It is sad that she left us at such a young age. Although she is physically gone from our midst, her deeds and material works remain with us as inspiration to further serve the revolutionary movement of the people. She lived her short life well and fully in the service of the people.

Spiritually, she will always be with us and the people due to her contributions and selfless service. She accomplished so much even while she battled and tried to overcome the pain of her illness. Even in her remaining days of bidding goodbye to comrades and friends, she remained firm in her revolutionary commitment and in good humor expressed the wish to meet departed comrades in the afterlife.

Long live the memory and revolutionary spirit of Comrade Kim Garcia!
Emulate her high sense of service to the revolution and the people!
Pursue the people’s struggle for national and social liberation!

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