The Stichting INPS (International Network for Philippine Studies) is an educational foundation registered in the Netherlands for the purpose of promoting Philippine studies in the social, economic, political and cultural fields.

The foundation is most distinctive by providing overseas Filipinos and their friends abroad with information and knowledge about the history, current circumstances and prospects of Philippine society and the Filipino people’s revolutionary struggle for national liberation and democracy.The foundation carries out its purpose in the following ways:

  1. It disseminates information and provides briefings;
  2. It conducts seminars and other forms of collective study;
  3. It undertakes research on important issues;
  4. It issues or handles publications, audio-visuals and other educational materials;
  5. It builds a library and data center;
  6. It initiates or co-initiates conferences or participates in those initiated by others;
  7. It provides consultancy services for the development of a curriculum in Philippine studies or a program of social research or social action in the Philippines;
  8. It recommends personnel for teaching, research and social action projects or programs;
  9. It arranges contacts and helps develop relations between Philippine and foreign entities in various fields of social activity; and
  10. It cooperates in any appropriate way with other organizations, Philippine or foreign, to achieve its purpose.

The board of directors of the foundation is chaired by Prof. Jose Maria Sison. The foundation maintains an international network of correspondents, Filipino and foreign, who are interested in Philippine studies.