Stories from Exile: Joma Sison and Julie De Lima

Stories from Exile: Joma Sison and Julie De Lima
Book about revolutionary icons, Jose Ma. Sison and Julie De Lima, both exiled as political refugees–2?fbclid=IwAR0aeIaC_CUd2YVMuhLyN2jSJWYrJoPW1JsDyOmcAVGvENMAnJCvxAM63x4#/comments

Michael Beltran is an activist and freelance journalist from the Philippines. He is currently constructing a book on revolutionary icons Jose Ma. Sison and Juliet De Lima, both political refugees in the Netherlands. The untitled book will focus on the pair as people. The interviews will begin in mid-October in the Netherlands. As this is an independent project, all parties involved are trying to raise funds for the trip and other logistical concerns

While countless texts have explored their ideas and ideologies, which in turn have been studied repeatedly by activists worldwide, this book wishes to put light to other aspects of their ordeal and historical contributions to the National Democratic movement in the Philippines.

Sison and De lima hold a wealth of knowledge of the history of the revolutionary struggle and were indeed a part of many key moments.

Moments that can be brought to greater light and imagery. A more vivid account of people who lived history and how they maintain their charge for a better future of their homeland despite being barred from entering the country.

We all call for your support in this project that will document the lives of two of the Philippines’ most important and contemporary heroes in the struggle for national liberation and genuine democracy.

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