Sison: No Duterte ouster plot in December

By: Daphne Galvez – Reporter / @DYGalvezINQ / 04:21 PM October 17, 2018

Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) founding chair Jose Maria Sison on Wednesday denied allegations that communist rebels are plotting to oust President Rodrigo Duterte in December.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines and Malacañang earlier claimed that communist rebels are mounting to oust Duterte this December after the so-called “Red October” plot failed.

“I am not aware of any month that is designated by any organization for the ouster of Duterte. I am not aware of any December ouster plot,” Sison told

“As far as I know through the National Democratic Front of the Philippines Negotiating Panel (NDFP), the CPP is not plotting to oust Duterte in December,” he added.

Sison asserted that the Red October plot was only an invention of Duterte to “to ward off his fear that he will soon be ousted by a military mutiny.”

“The so-called Red October plot was a fabrication of Duterte and his military minions. It would be wiser for the Duterte regime to negotiate with the NDFP than to misrepresent the CPP and NPA (New People’s Army) as plotting to oust him and thereby get an excuse to declare martial law nationwide,” he said. /kga

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