Series on the Philippines

I. Philippine Society and Revolution
Parts 1 & 2, The Philippines and Brief History of the Filipino People
Part 3, Three Basic Problems of the Filipino People or click here to view text
Part 4, People’s Democratic Revolution is the only solution or click here to view text

II. Culture and arts series
October 4 — Talks at the Yenan forum on literature and art
October 11 — Cultural imperialism in the Philippines
October 18 — On the Tasks of cadres cadres in the cultural field
October 25 — Cultural work in the peasant sector

II. Eskwelahang masa
On the peasant movement
On the youth movement

IV. Tsikahan with Tito Jo
On the anti-terrorism bill
On Filipino-American friendship day
On the SONA 2020
On the question of peace under the fascist Duterte regime
On youth education
On Trotskyites and other slanderers
On red-tagging

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