By Prof. Jose Maria Sison
Chief Political Consultant
National Democratic Front of the Philippines
20 October 2007

According to reliable sources in the ruling coalition, the opposition and the legal democratic mass movement in the Philippines, the fake president Gloria M. Arroyo is feeling insecure and isolated and is increasingly afraid of being ousted from power before 2010 by a convergence of several developments, which include the following:

1. The sharpening discontent of the people which can soon lead to gigantic mass protests in the national capital region and on a nationwide scale;
2. The rising demand of the people and highly respected institutions and personages for the resignation or ouster of Arroyo;
3. A growing tendency of the ruling coalition to break up and encourage initiatives for the impeachment of Arroyo in the House of Representatives and her trial in the Senate;
4. The widespread sentiments of military and police officers and their units for withdrawal of support from Arroyo; and
5. The intensifying tactical offensives of the people’s army against the weakest points of the ruling system.

It is fine if indeed Mrs. Arroyo would be removed from power sooner than 2010 and replaced by a broadly based transitional committee of respected civilian leaders. The people welcome the soonest possible end of her scandalous career of corruption and plunder, gross and systematic violation of human rights and subservience to the worst impositions of foreign and local reactionary interests.

The removal of the Arroyo regime from power can be a significant step towards a just peace if a new leadership of the GRP would cooperate with the NDFP in resuming the formal talks in the peace negotiations and addressing the roots of the armed conflict through social, economic, political and constitutional reforms in accordance with The Hague Joint Declaration and other agreements already signed and approved by the GRP and NDFP.

So long as the Arroyo ruling clique remains in power, it will persist in pursuing an all-out war policy against the revolutionary forces and people, in demanding the surrender and pacification of the revolutionary movement under the pretext of an indefinite ceasefire and in paralyzing the GRP-NDFP peace negotiations with those 12 impediments denounced recently by the chairperson of the NDFP negotiating panel Luis Jalandoni. ###

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