Red tagging, harassments and extrajudicial killings drive many legal activists to join the people’s army

By Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant
August 8, 2019

As in the time of the Marcos fascist dictatorship, the Duterte de facto fascist dictatorship is using Executive Order No. 70 for red-tagging, harassments and extrajudicial killings of patriotic and democratic activists among workers, peasants and indigenous people, students and youth, religious, journalists, lawyers, environmentalists and human rights defenders in a futile attempt to suppress the people’s movement for national and social liberation.

But the aforesaid repressive tactics of the tyrannical Duterte regime achieve the opposite. Legal activists in both urban and rural areas are being driven to join the people’s armed revolution in order to defend themselves and obtain justice by revolutionary means for those already abducted, tortured and murdered by reactionary military and police operations.

Like Marcos, Duterte is unwittingly proving himself to be the best recruiter of the New People’s Army (NPA). The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) has welcomed and reported the sharp increase of people, especially young men and women, going underground and proceeding to the countryside for politico-military training and combat duty.

The NPA Red commanders and fighters are happy with their growing ranks and ridicule Duterte not only as the best recruiter for the NPA but also as their chief transport and supply officer. They aver that Duterte sends his military and police minions to the countryside only to be blown up by command-detonated explosives as well as struck down by NPA ambush units, thus unwittingly transporting and supplying arms to the NPA.

The number and capacity of the armed minions of the Duterte terrorist regime are limited and spread thinly nationwide. The NPA units can therefore easily choose the weak points of the enemy forces for tactical offensives in the form of ambushes, sniping, raids, sabotage and arrest operations.

The broad masses of the people and the legal democratic organizations of various classes and sectors anticipate that the Duterte regime will declare martial law nationwide and try to wipe out all organizations critical of the regime. It is therefore also anticipated that the armed city partisans and commando teams of the NPA will arise on a wide scale to fight the fascists in their urban lairs.

The Filipino people and their revolutionary forces, including the CPP, the NPA, the revolutionary mass organizations and organs of political power enjoy a high level of morale because of their growing strength, the worsening socioeconomic and political crisis of the ruling system and the increasing isolation and debility of the treasonous, tyrannical, brutal and corrupt Duterte regime.###

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