Philippine society and revolution


Philippines: Society and revolution
Since the beginning of the work of the union communist reconstruction, we strive in the work of solidarity to the struggle of the Filipino people, which has been waging a popular war directed by the communist party of the Philippines since the late 60’s on the continuation of the revolutionary struggle in the Philippines based clearly on the principles of proletarian internationalism and anti-imperialist international solidarity. In addition to having written articles in new culture magazine and held seminars on the Philippine Revolution.

Last year, we took another step in this work by publishing the book Philippine society and revolution, by Professor Jose Maria Sison, President-founder of the communist party of the Philippines, the new people’s army and the National Democratic Front. The Classic Work Jose Maria Sison is the attempt to present, more deeply and from the point of view of Marxism-Leninism-thought mao zedong, the main points on the history of the Philippines, the basic problems of the Filipino people, The dominant social structure, strategies and fighting tactics of the Filipino people and finally the logic behind the revolutionary solution – which is the democratic-Popular Revolution. The book can be considered a primer, and can be studied by all those interested in knowing the truth about the Philippines and in fighting the true national and democratic interests of the entire Filipino people.

We offer to download the pdf of another important work of Marxism-Leninism-thought Mao tse-Tung

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