Philippine Revolutionary United Front, NDFP, Affirms Solidarity With Venezuelan People

Published 30 June 2017

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines has released a statement reiterating their “firm solidarity” with the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and “the heroic Venezuelan people” amid the ongoing Washington-led campaign to topple the socialist government of President Nicolas Maduro and the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela.

The revolutionary united front – which encompasses progressive militant trade unions, Indigenous peoples and national minorities, student organizations and other mass organizations across the Southeast Asian archipelago – noted in their statement that the embattled government of Venezuela has “earned the solidarity of freedom-loving peoples and governments in Latin America and the Caribbean and other parts of the world.”

The NDFP, founded in 1973, also added that the strength of the Venezuelan people and government, “with the overall international solidarity support of other peoples and governments are firm and strong enough to repel any acts of subversion and attacks by the domestic reactionaries and counter-revolutionary foreign powers.” The statement was signed by veteran communist leader and former priest Luis Jalandoni.

Speaking to teleSUR English from exile in the Netherlands, Communist Party of the Philippines founding chairman and chief political consultant to the NDFP Jose Maria Sison, said that, “the Filipino people and revolutionary forces led by the Communist Party of the Philippines and represented by the National Democratic Front of the Philippines in relations with foreign governments have the highest regard for the Bolivarian Government of Venezuela which stands and fights for the national independence and socialist aspirations of the Venezuelan people.”

“We wish the Bolivarian Government and the anti-imperialist and social accomplishments of its leadership from Comrade Hugo Chavez to Nicolas Maduro to prevail over all attempts of U.S. imperialism and the local reactionaries to subvert and transgress the sovereign rights and interests of the Venezuelan people,” the 78-year old writer and Marxist-Leninist continued. “We have a common cause in fighting and defeating USA imperialism and the big bourgeois and landlord oligarchy.”

The NDFP statement further condemned the June 27 helicopter attack against the Venezuelan Supreme Court and other government buildings as a “terrorist attack” meant to further a “coup plot” within the country, joining a growing group of countries and mass organizations who have condemned the U.S.-backed right-wing opposition’s increasingly violent attacks on the Bolivarian government.

“We salute the people of Venezuela and their government for resolutely and courageously fighting the enemy in order to obtain total victory,” Sison said. “They inspire the Filipino people to fight for their own national and social liberation and to extend solidarity and support to the people of Venezuela.”

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