On Duterte’s “Satisfaction” Rating and the May 13 Elections

On Duterte’s “Satisfaction” Rating and the May 13 Elections

According to mercenary poll surveys, the people are “satisfied” with the Duterte regime for “accomplishments” such as the following:

  1. The soaring prices of basic commodities, the rise of mass unemployment and rampant poverty;
  2. The increase of drug smuggling and drug trafficking under the supreme lordship of Duterte.
  3. The mass murder of poor people in the urban and rural areas who are tagged as either drug addicts or rebels;
  4. The red-tagging of teachers, journalists, lawyers and others for the purpose of mass intimidation and exemplary executions;
  5. Presidential attacks on God, the Catholic and otherChristian churches, bishops and priests;
  6. The electoral alliance of plunderers, dynasties and warlords in Hugpong and PDP-Laban;
  7. The treasonous sell-out of sovereign rights in the West Philippine Sea;
  8. Making the Philippines a debt colony of China and mortgaging the natural resources of the country to China and other imperialist countries;
  9. Priority given to Chinese contractors, suppliers and workers over Filipinos;
  10. Five-month labor contract for Filipino workers (ende)
  11. Landgrabbing and open-pit mining for the benefit of foreign and domestic corporations;
  12. Chinese reclamation projects in Philippine bays and Chinese island building in the West Philippine Sea;
  13. Destruction and continued nonrehabilitaion of Marawi City;
  14. Traffic jams and increased transport costs; and
  15. Double puppetry to US imperialism and Chinese imperialism.

Considering the people’s “satisfaction” with the Duterte regime, the ground is laid for rigging of the May 13 elections. ###

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