NDFP opposes Duterte scheme to hostage its negotiators while the AFP launches brutal military offensives

Prof. Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant
June 19, 2018

By dictating the venue of the peace negotiations, in violation of the standing agrement on a neutral foreign venue, Duterte is killing the peace negotiations. He knows very well that the NDFP will never submit itself to negotiating in a venue under his control and manipulation, And the revolutionary forces and people represented by the NDFP are determined to fight the tyrannical regime of Duterte with various forms of struggle,

The desperate and futile strategy of Duterte and the AFP is the following: Carry out the AFP campaign plan to destroy the NPA before the end of 2018 by launching offensives and using Tokhang methods in communities. At the same time, using the peace pretense, Duterte tries to dictate to the NDFP to negotiate in Manila and come under the control, manipulation and intimidation of Duterte and the military.

If the NDFP refuses, the CPP and NPA become targets of anti-terrorist campaign and proclamation of martial law or state of emergency nationwide, If NDFP accepts Manila as venue, the NDFP negotiators and related persons, including myself, become hostages for compelling NDFP capitulation as a result of the campaign plan to destroy the NPA before end of 2018. Thus, Duterte is extremely eager to have me back in Manila as his hostage.

It is clear that the GRP is determined to destroy the NPA even if impossible and to use and kill the peace negotiations one way or the other. There is no choice for the revolutionary forces and people represented by the NDFP but to intensify people´s war and carry out extensive and intensive guerrilla warfare, without any distraction from peace negotiations and any kind of ceasefire.

The latest developments and pronouncements of Duterte have exposed the Duterte regime as anti-peace and hell-bent on imposing fascist dictatorship on the people. The legal patriotic and progressive forces are on the correct track by striving to militate and mobilize the broad united font and the broad masses of the people to oust the Duterte regime. It is easier to oust the Duterte regime than to have any kind of peace agreement with this tyrannical regime.###

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