By Prof. Jose Maria Sison
Chairperson, International League of Peoples´ Struggle
December 8, 2012

On behalf of the entire International  League of Peoples´ Struggle (ILPS), we the International Coordinating Committee convey warmest greetings of solidarity to our fellow militants launching the Dominican Republic chapter of the ILPS and to your distinguished guests.

The formation of the chapter is a signal event.  It is the very first to be established in Latin America and the Caribbean since the founding of the ILPS in 2001.  We congratulate and commend you for organizing this historic event.  We are confident  that this will lead to the formation of more chapters in the region and to the strengthening of the ILPS as a base for anti-imperialist and democratic mass struggles in the region.

We agree with the theme of  your gathering,  “People of Latin America, Defend and Advance National Sovereignty Against Imperialist Plunders and Development Aggression!”  It is of the highest importance that the people unite to uphold, defend and advance national independence against the plundering and aggressive incursions of the US and other imperialist powers in your country.

The theme of your conference is of urgent importance.  We must stand up to resist the ever worsening impositions of US imperialism and its puppets on the broad masses of the people.
Since the inception of the neoliberal policy of so-called free market globalization, the people of Latin America and the Caribbean have suffered so much, starting with the consequences of the Latin American debt crisis of the 1980s and proceeding to the denial of economic sovereignty and the denationalization of economies.

The liberalization of investments and trade in favor of the imperialist banks and firms, the privatization of public assets and the deregulation of safeguards against the abuse of finance capital, the exploitation of labor, women and children, the plunder of natural resources and destruction of the environment have devastated the economies and lives of the people in Latin America and the Caribbean. And now the worst economic and financial crisis since the Great Depression has descended upon the region and is exacting a heavy toll on the people far more than ever before.

Let us recall the rich history of the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean in resisting
colonialism and subsequently modern imperialism.  The struggle has included the uprisings of the indigenous peoples and the peasant masses and in more recent history working class mobilizations.  Let us be inspired by the brilliant history of people´s resistance and strive to arouse, organize and mobilize the people for greater struggles and victories on the road to national and social liberation.

It is appropriate that you launch the chapter  within the period of December 6 to 14 when  relevant meaningful activities are held, such as the Latin American and Caribbean Seminar on Human Rights, the First International Conference on Mega-Mining, Sovereignty and Development, the Workers Congress, the celebration of the International Human Rights Day and the sharing of experiences and ideas regarding the  Memorial Museum of Dominican Resistance, the Memorial Museum of Workers and Students Resistance and the Samuel Amancio Villatoro Foundation of Guatemala.

These events have their respective significance and that moreover the delegates to the chapter founding can also participate in them and learn much from them for the purpose of carrying out the anti-imperialist and democratic objectives of your chapter and advancing the struggle for national and social liberation.

We are proud to sponsor the International Conference on “Mega-mining, Sovereignty and Development” on December 7. The  delegates from various countries can share the effects of mega-mining on their local economies, communities, and environment.  The conference aims to develop plans of action and carry out campaign against  mega-mining activities which are now escalating  in the region.

We wish the utmost success for the launching of the Dominican Republic chapter of the ILPS as well for all the related events, including the cultural performances  and the final press conference.  May all these activities contribute to the further revitalization and advance of the anti-imperialist and democratic movement in the Dominican Republic and in the region.  We aim for a fundamentally new and better world of  greater freedom, social justice, all-round development, international solidarity and peace.

Long live the Dominican Republic Chapter of the International League of Peoples´ Struggle!
Intensify the struggle for national independence and democracy against US imperialism!
Long live the people of the Dominican Republic!
Fight for socialism—the only alternative!
Long live the ILPS and international solidarity!


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Bio-data of Jose Maria Sison as public figure

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