List of videos of webinar lecture series

by Prof. Jose Maria Sison
for Anakbayan-Europa and National Democratic Online School

Series on Marxist-Leninist Classics

I. On the basic principles of Marxism-Leninism
Dialectical Materialism or click here to watch video
Historical Materialism
Political Economy
Scientific Socialism

II. On the classic Marxist-Leninist texts
Marx & Engels, The Communist Manifesto
Karl Marx, Wage, Labor and Capital
Karl Marx, On Value, Price and Profit
Lenin, Tasks of the Youth Leagues
Lenin, What is to be Done
Lenin, State and Revolution

III. Engels series
Part 1. Anti-Duhring — Philosophy
Part 2. Anti-Duhring — Political Economy
Part 3. Anti-Duhring — Socialism
Socialism: Utopian and Scientific

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