Jose Maria Sison: Patriot, Revolutionary!


This website is a documentation project of the International Network for Philippine Studies (INPS). It compiles the documents of the various legal cases of Prof. Jose Maria Sison, from 1977 onwards. The cases involve him either as applicant, plaintiff or accused. Since 1977, Prof. Sison has been engaged in a series of epical legal battles, each running for many years.

We intend to present in each case major pertinent documents like the statements of Prof. Sison, the written submissions of his legal counsel, friends of the court, experts, witnesses and intervenors, decisions of administrative authorities and courts of law and comments of authorities.

We publish the original documents. If these are not in English, we provide the English translation in addition to the non-English original.

In the table of contents below, the later case comes ahead of the earlier case.

  1. New Application to the European Court of First Instance Against Terrorist Blacklisting
  2. Trumped Up Criminal Charge of Inciting or Ordering Murder
  3. Charge of Rebellion in the Philippines Filed in 2006 and Decided by the Supreme Court in 2007
  4. Case Before the European Court of Human Rights Against Netherlands
    for Violations of the European Convention on Human Rights, 2006 onwards
  5. Cases Submitted to the European Court of First Instance and the European
    Court of Justice against "Terrorist" Listing by the Council of the European
    Union, 2002 onwards
  6. Cases in the Netherlands Arising from "Terrorist" Listing and Sanctions, 2002 onwards
  7. Case Against IND re Application for Work, 1998-2002
  8. GRP Certification of No Pending Criminal Case, 1998
  9. Application to the European Court of Human Rights, 1998-2002
  10. REK Decision on Asylum Case, 1997
  11. Raad van State Decision on Asylum Case, 1995
  12. Raad van State Decision, 1992
  13. Human Rights Case Against Marcos, 1986-1998
  14. Invalidation of 1988 Subversion Charge and 1991 Plaza Miranda Charge
  15. Invalidation of Marcos-Time Rebellion and Subversion Charges, 1978-1987