By Prof. Jose Maria Sison
Chief Political Consultant
National Democratic Front of the Philippines
21 December 2006

Justice secretary Raul Gonzales has publicly expressed suspicion of the New People’s Army for the killing of Rep. Luis Bersamin, Jr. even as he admits that he has no evidence whatsoever to present. He also drags in my name for the purpose of innuendo by accusing me of declaring the all-out war policy which his boss Gloria M. Arroyo has declared and which the Cabinet Oversight Committee on Internal Security is directing so coldbloodedly.

As chief political consultant of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines, I have never come across any information that Rep. Bersamin and the NPA had any hostile actuations towards each other. The NPA never conceals its hostile attitude towards anyone it considers obnoxious to the people. Rep. Bersamin was not known for behaving as obnoxiously as the fake president Arroyo, Phoenix Plan veteran Eduardo Ermita, Norberto Gonzales and Raul Gonzales and was also not known for holding any hostile attitude towards the NPA.

Raul Gonzales seems to be unaware that my eldest brother and his wife are close relatives of Rep. Bersamin and the Court of Appeals justice Lucas Bersamin. The two Bersamins are well known to be upright and conscientious officials.

Justice secretary Gonzales is an irresponsible and unjust man. No wonder that he was once sanctioned by the Supreme Court for his bad behavior. The only excuse that can be made for Gonzales in the present case is that he suffers from irrationality due to acute senility and that he ought to step down from his office. ###

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