Joma Sison’s Response to Duterte’s Statement

I do not have to prove again that I have the revolutionary will and courage to wage armed struggle against oppression. I was an active part of the people’s war against the Marcos regime for nine years, 1969 to 1977 and then went to fascist prison for another 9 years. I surpass the field record of many reactionary military officers who are in the field for a few years until they are assigned desk jobs and then retire at the age of 56.

If deemed necessary by the revolutionary movement, I will return to the Philippines to fight the Duterte puppet regime of US imperialism. That means surmounting my being in the same old age bracket as Duterte and evading the constant surveillance by the US, Dutch, European and Philippine reactionary intelligence agencies.

At any rate, I choose the battlefield where I fight and the types of battles that I wage. These cannot be dictated by Duterte who hopes vainly that the US and European intelligence would tip him off as soon I leave The Netherlands for the Philippines. The way he continues to talk he really hates to engage in peace negotiations with the NDFP. At any rate, I must remind Duterte that we are well past the age of retirement in the NPA and AFP.

At his ripe old age of 72, he should not try to project an image of a strutting young fighter at my expense. He should sober up and allow his negotiating panel to seriously negotiate with the NDFP negotiating panel and make agreements on social, economic and political reforms that lay the basis of a just and lasting peace for the benefit of the Filipino people

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