Health condition of Duterte is a matter of public interest

By Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant
August 27, 2018

The physical and mental health condition of Duterte as president is a matter of public interest and public concern. With or without my prodding, he should present to the public his medical record in response to public demand.

According to Rep. Alejano, Duterte is going to Israel for medical treatment. Perhaps, It would be good if the Israeli doctors can fix his weak spine, which constantly pains him so much and which keeps him weak, frequently resting and figuratively comatose.

Duterte may not be literally comatose but certainly he is figuratively comatose because he does not do much work except to blabber between his rest periods.

I reiterate my fervent wish for Duterte to keep himself alive so that ultimately he can be served a warrant of arrest for inciting mass murder, guaranteeing presidential presidential protection and impunity to his death squads and giving them rewards at public expense.

The aberrant mind of Duterte is manifested by his open incitation to mass murder and by his notion that he has the license to invent my medical condition while he strains to conceal his real physical and mental condition and refuses to show his medical record to the public. ###

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