Greetings to Isko Moreno, mayor of Manila and Jackie Rodriguez, President of the Manila Rotary Club

Beloved Rotarians and distinguished friends,

May I express warmest greetings to my two friends, Mayor Isko Moreno and Jackie Rodriguez (president of Manila Rotary Club). I am happy that they meet again to express their views on what can be done to improve the lives of the people of Manila.

I am proud to have introduced Isko and Jackie to each other in the Netherlands at the time of the fourth round of the GRP-NDFP peace negotiations in 2017. I wish that they would help each other in order to bring about changes for the benefit of the people of Manila.

I wish to share with Ka Isko the fact that German Moreno or Kuya Germs, his adopted father, was a classmate of Jackie and myself in Letran. It looks like Mayor Isko is fated to become friends with Jackie and myself.

Once more, I congratulate Ka Isko for his resounding success in becoming the Mayor of Manila. In so short a time, he has done so much to impress the people of Manila and the entire Philippines with his determination and effectiveness in serving the people.

I presume that in the current forum, Mayor Isko Moreno is expected to give a comprehensive view of his policies and plans for the governance and progress of the city of Manila.

I have only a simple concrete question. No doubt it is highly commendable that you have cleared the major streets of Manila of the graft-laden anarchy of vendors. But are there provisions for the poor vendors to peddle their goods in some permissible areas or to have alternative means of livelihood?

Thank you.

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