Further Reports About Duterte’s Health Condition

Further Reports About Duterte’s Health Condition

Apart from the report that Duterte has suffered a nervous breakdown to explain his disappearance from public view for about a week, there are other reports to the effect that he has fallen sick from Fentanyl overdose or that it takes him a longer time to recover from dialysis (this becomes less effective in the long run.) In any case, the devil is still alive and kicking although with a deteriorating physical and mental condition.

By self-admission, Duterte is a frequent user of the powerful opioid Fentanyl, which he uses as a pain killer due to a previous injury to his spine. Thus, he is notorious not only as No. 1 protector and beneficiary of the illegal drug trade but also as the No. 1 drug addict in the Philippines.

Duterte is also known for the seriously defective sewage system of his body and suffers from acidic reflux from his intestines to his esophagus and the cancer-causing and kidney-damaging deposit of waste in his intestines down to his closed colon.

Thus his face always looks ashen like that of a corpse because of his dirty blood. He needs more frequent dialysis treatment and other treatment to dispose of his waste and renew his blood supply. Because of the dwindling effect of his dialysis, he needs more blood transfusion and more days to recover from the dialysis.

Duterte is definitely afflicted by various illnesses. But he is still alive and he plans to reappear as if in perfect health. Only his blackened face, wobbly walk and mentally deranged speeches (self-contradictions and flip-flops) manifest the serious deterioration of his physical and mental condition.####

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