Further comment on the medical condition of Duterte

Further Comment on the Medical Condition of Duterte
By Jose Maria Sison

In taking note of the report that Duterte is comatose. I have been cautious enough to say that the report needs to be verified or negated by Duterte´s public appearance or by a credible medical bulletin. I hope that Duterte will be able to appear to the public in Cebu City tomorrow, as announced by his spokesman Roque.

As correctly pointed out by Rep. Alejano, it is the right of the Filipino people to know the physical and mental health of Duterte. They would not want to be ruled by a madman or by some caretaker committee of pretenders in violation of the rule of succession in he 1987 Constitution.

Filipino doctors have observed the recent dark physiognomy, wobbly movement and insane self-contradictions of Duterte and have taken into account his medical record. They have the following two prognoses:

  1. The Buerger´s disease of Duterte has worsened to the point of clogging the veins to his head (both face and brain) and 2. The frequent use of pain killers, especially fentanyl, has severely damaged his kidney, necessitating more frequent dialyses and withdrawal from public view.

The medical status of Duterte, which is of public interest in his case, has to be clarified and cannot be waved away by shallow explanations that he forgets to powder his face or that this has become darker than usual because of beauty tanning.

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