JMS: ‘From where I am, I have been able to telescope and microscope the character and behavior of the US-directed Duterte regime’

JMS’ response to the news item ‘Palace: Joma out of touch with comrades fighting in PH

From where I am, I have been able to telescope and microscope the mean character and malicious behavior of the US-directed Duterte regime. I agree with the position of the CPP, NPA and NDFP that Duterte has merely pretended to be Left and socialist and has never had the intention of fulfilling his promises. The revolutionary leadership based in the Philippines also gives excellent directions and briefings to the NDFP negotiating panel.

The rank and file of the revolutionary forces in the Philippines are highly principled and sharp to know the evil scheme of the US-Duterte regime to combine martial rule and Tokhang methods of mass murder and ready to fight these effectively. In an earlier statement, I have expressed my understanding of how the people’s democratic government and revolutionary forces have grown in strength and spread nationwide in 48 years,

Duterte and his pro-US military handlers have miserably failed to obtain the surrender of the revolutionary movement through false promises and to sow intrigues between the revolutionary leadership in the Philippines and the NDFP Negotiating Panel regarding the strategy and tactics in the conduct of people’s war and peace negotiations.

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