Fascism and neoliberalism against the Filipino people

Comment by Jose Maria Sison

The de facto fascist dictatorship is “legally” based on the persistence of Proclamation No. 55 declaring a state of national emergency and Executive Order No. 70 aimed at militarizing government and society and making them fascist.

Under the pretext of federalizing the state, charter change is being pushed in order to constitutionalize the fascist dictatorship and remove the restrictions on foreign ownership of land and all businesses.

The Duterte regime rigged the May 2019 mid-term elections to produce a supermajority in the Senate to ensure the constitutionalization of fascist dictatorship and the removal of restrictions on foreign ownership of land and all businesses.

The reign of unbridled terror and greed, the combination of fascism and neoliberalism, will inflict more intolerable suffering on the Filipino people and will surely drive them to intensify the new democratic revolution.

The anti-national and anti-democratic scheme of the Duterte regime casts doubts on its avowed interest in peace negotiations with the NDFP for the purpose of making agreements on social, economic and political reforms to lay the basis for a just peace in a truly independent and democratic Philippines.

House pursues shift to federal government


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