Duterte regime releases worst criminals but accumulates political prisoners

By Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant
August 31, 2019

Because the Philippine reactionary government is run by the tyrant Duterte, militarist butchers and criminal gangsters, those imprisoned for heinous crimes, including murder, rape and drug trafficking, are being released in big numbers already estimated to be 800 to 2000.

In sharp contrast, the tyrannical regime refuses to release the political prisoners and continues to accumulate them on trumped-up charges of common crimes. Furthermore Duterte has already announced that he will unleash more trouble against critics and opponents of his terrorist regime.

Among the possible kinds of trouble expected from the evil regime is the intensification of red-tagging, fabrication of charges against critics and opponents, false flag operations, exemplary killings in urban areas and mass arrests. The tyrant is forcing the people to fight back the way they did heroically against the Marcos dictatorship.

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