Duterte, Lorenzana and their minions engage in squid tactics

by Prof. Jose Maria Sison
October 27, 2018

Duterte, Lorenzana and their minions engage in squid tactics to cover up those responsible for the Sagay massacre and shift the blame to the NPA.

The Sagay massacre is obviously the collaborative work of the AFP, PNP and their paramilitary auxiliary RPA.

The squid tactics of Duterte, AFP and PNP is to link up the Sagay massacre to the already thoroughly discredited “Red October” yarn against the CPP and the NPA.

The squid tactics have become more impertinent and stupid with Lorenzana and his ilk linking the Sagay massacre to the Plaza Miranda “bombing,” the Kampanyang “Ahos” and the rectification movement of the CPP against Kampanyang “Ahos” and other events and holding me responsible for all these.

In the Mafia-like government of Duterte, the swell-headed gangsters and criminals in power are engaged in libel and slander in trying to shift the blame for the Plaza Miranda “bombing” from Marcos to me.

Thus, I have re-posted the definitive interview I made on video regarding the Plaza Miranda “bombing” and the documents of the reactionary government which finally absolved me of the false charge of multiple murder in the Plaza Miranda “bombing”.

Said documents are as follows: the 1994 resolution of the prosecutor’s office under the Manila Regional Trial Court dismissing the case against me and the 1998 certification of the Secretary of the Department of Justice which declared that said case had been dismissed and there were no pending criminal cases against me.

It is absurd that Kampanyang Ahos and other wrongdoings by certain renegades from 1985 to 1987 while I was in prison or abroad are cited against me. Even the subsequent benign rectification and educational movement to correct said wrongdoings are is misrepresented and slanted against me.###

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