Duterte is Subordinate to Military on the Question of Peace Negotiations

By Prof. Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant

It is unbelievable that Duterte has abdicated his role as political leader and commander-in-chief and has become the subordinate of his military subordinates on the crucial question of peace negotiations. He is probably insinuating that Lorenzana can overrule him anytime because his DND secretary takes orders directly from the US.

It is obvious that Duterte is evading responsibility for sabotaging and terminating the peace negotiations. There is such a thing as relative autonomy of a puppet president, especially among his fellow puppets. For instance, he can fire Lorenzana for deliberately or unwittingly fouling up a bribery scheme at the highest level by exposing the attempt to impose on the Philippine navy the preference for inferior equipment in the fiasco of frigates.

What should worry Duterte most is the existence of at least two key groups of active and retired AFP officers at the level of generals and colonels who are trying to persuade and mobilize other officers to withdraw support from Duterte for betraying national sovereignty, adopting policies inimical to the people and committing outright crimes of great proportions.

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