Duterte is mortally afraid of the New People´s Army as he steps up the mass murder of unarmed people

Press Statement
by Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant
April 12, 2019

If Duterte and his armed minions were to be believed, the New People’s Army no longer exists because it has been supposedly decimated several times over by fake surrenders and fake encounters.

The more Duterte presents himself as a victorious conqueror, the more he exposes his frustration and cowardice by speaking to the public only behind a thick bullet-proof glass. His false claims of victory are belied by the NPA’s intensifying offensives on a nationwide scale.

In fact, he has been most successful at ordering his death squads to kill unarmed social activists, including priests, journalists, teachers, health workers, lawyers, and human rights advocates. He has ordered his armed minions to arrest and plant evidence on NDFP consultants and to kill them if there are no witnesses as in the case of Randy Malayao.

He has extended the methods of Oplan Tokhang to Oplan Kapayapaan by red-tagging, framing up, and murdering an increasing number of victims who are opposed to his regime. He has publicly expressed contempt for human rights so many times.

He has also excelled at using his armed forces to bomb and displace rural communities of indigenous peoples and peasants to make way for socially and environmentally destructive enterprises such as open pit mining, logging, monocrop plantations and casino islands by foreign and local corporations from which he receives huge amounts of bribe.

The bloodbath that the sociopath Duterte masterminds has become so wanton and massive that he is worried to death that the day of reckoning for him is fast coming. He cannot deny that the tactical offensives of the NPA have become more effective than ever before on a nationwide scale.

He estimates that the NPA has the capability to go after him to exact justice for his grave crimes of mass murder, tyranny, treason, and corruption. Obviously, he is mortally afraid that the NPA intends to apprehend, try, and punish him for his grave crimes.

He has long been afraid of traveling by road even in his own region. He can only use the helicopter to hop from one military camp to another whenever he wants an audience in order to rant against his critics and boast of his penis and dish out vulgarities and trivialities.

Despite the Duterte regime’s psywar that it is about to destroy the revolutionary movement, the Communist Party of the Philippines, the NPA, the revolutionary mass organizations, the NDFP and the rural-based people’s democratic government are growing stronger precisely because of the tyrannical, treasonous, brutal and corrupt character of this regime.

It is reasonable for the people to expect the NPA to seek the punishment of Duterte for heinous crimes. But entities other than the NPA are also eager to punish him. These include the relatives and friends of his murder victims and the military and police officers and their personnel who are offended by his criminal misuse of the military and the police.

Both active and retired military and police officers, for either patriotic or pro-US reasons, are becoming increasingly vocal against Duterte’s sell out of the country’s sovereign rights to China and his crimes of mass murder and plunder and are preparing themselves for Duterte’s day of reckoning upon the people’s uprising as in the overthrow of Marcos in 1986. ###

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