Duterte Believes too much in Killing Revolutionaries and Bribing the Unscrupulous to Solve His Problem

Comment by Prof. Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant
February 23, 2018

Duterte believes too much in killing revolutionaries and bribing the unscrupulous like him to solve any problem of his, like the growing revolutionary movement of the people. The offers of reward money for the killing or capture of a revolutionary is an old discredited trick of the military, which has not worked at all to damage or destroy the revolutionary movement. It is stupid and outrageous for Duterte to make such offers because he incites the murder of revolutionaries and induces his own officers with reward money to engage in summary executions or extrajudicial killings.

People know that even when the reward money for the head of a revolutionary is 1 million pesos, the killer-informer is lucky if he gets five pesos because the corrupt military officers get a share of the reward money from the level of generals downwards. The killer-informer cannot complain because for him to do so he would be to broadcast his act of betrayal and invite punishment from the revolutionary movement or his own murder by the military agents of Duterte. At any rate, when the people get to know who has betrayed and murdered a revolutionary, the traitor is eventually punished by the people´s army.

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