NewsCondemn cold-blooded assassination of Party leader Giron–CPP

Condemn cold-blooded assassination of Party leader Giron–CPP


Communist Party of the Philippines
March 17, 2020

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) condemns in the strongest terms the cold-blooded assassination of Party leader Julius Giron (Ka Nars), his wife Lourdes Tan Torres (Ka Kara) and their aide last March 13 ago in Baguio City. Claims made by the military and police that they were about to serve an arrest warrant are outright lies. It was a liquidation operation, a massacre, carried out at 3 a.m. with the clear aim of assassinating Giron and eliminating all witnesses.

The entire Party and all revolutionary forces are enraged over the murder of Ka Nars and Ka Kara.

Giron was nearly 70 years old. He and his wife were suffering from the infirmities of old age. Giron, specifically, had difficulty keeping his balance. He, his wife and aide were unarmed and were not in a position to fight back against the armed fascist agents. Claims by the police that their arresting team was fired upon by Giron is a fabrication to cover up their crime.

Giron was, in fact, murdered in cold blood. The perpetrators and masterminds of the assassination of the Girons are criminals. The Party and revolutionary movement will make sure that they will pay for their crime.

Giron’s blood is on Duterte’s hands. His assassination was carried out under Duterte’s war of suppression against the Party and the national democratic revolutionary movement. Duterte and his key security and military officials have long wanted to eliminate Giron who served as one of the Party’s leading cadres and principal peace consultant to the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP).

The cold-blooded murder of Giron contravenes Duterte’s recent overtures to resume peace talks with the NDFP. It demonstrates unequivocally that the NDFP-GRP peace talks cannot be successfully resumed as long as Duterte’s Proclamation 374 and Executive Order 70 remain in effect. Under these orders, military and police forces carry out killings, mass arrests, abductions, surveillance and intimidation and other forms of suppression against the people.

The Communist Party of the Philippines, the entire revolutionary movement, and the Filipino grieve over the loss of Ka Nars, Giron’s last known nom de guerre. The Party extends its deepest condolences to the children and grandchildren of Ka Nars and Ka Kara, and all their relatives and friends.

Ka Nars was one of the stalwarts of the Party’s Central Committee, its Political Bureau and Executive Committee, serving the Party’s central organs over the past three decades. Despite his advanced age, Ka Nars remained ever the active revolutionary communist and one of the key leading cadres of the CPP. He was forever a student and teacher of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.

Ka Nars’ record of selfless and tenacious service to the proletariat, the Party, the Filipino people and their revolutionary movement will forever remain etched in the annals of the people’s war in the country. Many of the Party’s victories were achieved with Ka Nars performing important roles.

He played a key role in reconstituting the Party’s leadership in 2014 and bringing together more than a hundred Party cadres to hold the Party’s 2nd Congress in 2016. He was elected to the Second Central Committee, the Political Bureau and as one of the key officers of the Executive Committee.

As young revolutionaries, he and other Party cadres pioneered revolutionary work in the Cordilleras and other Northern Luzon regions in the 1970s. They helped forged Igorot unity, and in rousing, organizing and mobilizing the national minority groups in their resistance to national oppression, defense of their ancestral land, and in their fight for genuine autonomy. He was in the Cordilleras during the people’s epic struggle against the Chico River Dam Project.

The Duterte regime may have succeeded in ending the life of Ka Nars. However, with the dastardly act of murder of Ka Nars in the March 13 Baguio massacre, it has only further roused the people’s hatred for its fascist crimes and steeled their determination to resist and end the reign of state terrorism and all forms of oppression and exploitation.

Long live the memory of Ka Nars! Your blood will forever flow along the rivers of Magat and Agno, Catubig and the Pulangui and will always inspire the proletariat and all the toiling masses to wage revolution until victory!


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