The International Network for Philippine Studies (INPS) is an educational foundation which promotes research, seminars and publications for the benefit of individuals and organizations interested in the Philippines, especially in the national democratic movement.

The Comprehensive Seminar on the Philippines (CSP) is one of the most important projects of the INPS. It is a five-day seminar on all major aspects of the Philippines—its history, social economy, politics, culture and external relations.

The objective of the CPS is to provide the participants a comprehensive and deep understanding of the Philippines so that they can better perform their teaching, research, activist, solidarity or any other kind of work in connection with the Philippines.

The seminar program consists of ten sessions:


First Session: Brief History of the Philippines

Second Session: The Social Economy of the Philippines


Third Session: The Philippine Political System

Fourth Session: The Philippine Culture


Fifth Session: Philippine External Relations

Sixth Session: The National Democratic Movement


Seventh Session: Socio-Economic Development

Eighth Session: New Democratic Culture


Ninth Session: Independent and Foreign Relations

Tenth Session: Prospects of the National Democratic Movement

In each three-hour session, one hour is for the lecture of the seminar leader and two hours for discussions initiated by questions from the participants.

The CSP can be conducted in the Netherlands in accordance with the schedule determined by the INPS or anywhere in the world by arrangement with INPS.

Participants in the seminar must be willing to give a total of seven days to the CSP. One day before the seminar is for the purpose of mutual personal introductions, briefings and settling down. The day after the seminar is for the purpose of following informal discussions and departure.

For the CSP to be conducted, there must be at least five participants but not more than fifteen. These participants may be admitted to the CSP either on an individual basis upon the invitation of the INPS or by arrangement with an organization. Before they come to the seminar, they are provided with reading materials which they must read in order to enhance their comprehension of the seminar.

The seminar is conducted in English. But in case the participants do not have proficiency in English they are assisted by interpreters or translators.

The evenings of the five-day seminar are deliberately open for informal discussions, readings or entertainment after dinner.

The INPS requires that the services of the seminar leader, accommodation of the participants, study materials and other costs are covered by fees and/or grant. These are clarified and acted upon before any CSP is conducted.

After the adjournment of the seminar, the INPS sends a certificate of attendance to every participant and may decide to invite any participant to become a member of INPS. The INPS member is considered qualified to conduct the CSP in the name of INPS.