Communists in the Philippines warn President Duterte is sliding towards a fascist dictatorship

COMMUNIST Party of the Philippines (CPP) co-founder Joma Sison warned today that the country’s economy was shrinking due to military overspending, amid warnings of a slide towards fascist dictatorship.

In a statement Mr Sison insisted that the “tyrannical Duterte regime is being rapidly isolated and detested by the broad masses of the Filipino people” due to corruption and subservience to imperialist powers.

The government has recently designated the CPP and its military wing the New Peoples’ Army (NPA) terrorist organisations under new legislatation, erroneously claiming its hand was forced by the international community.

But the new terror laws are believed to foreshadow the imminent oppression of democratic forces and the desire “to impose a fascist dictatorship on the people.”

Mr Sison insists that such a move will only serve to “inflame the people’s resistance.”

“The people’s war in the new democratic revolution in the Philippines is thriving because the basic problems of foreign monopoly capitalism and domestic feudalism persist.

“The chief political representative of the ruling system, Duterte, is brazenly a traitor, butcher, plunderer and swindler,” he said.

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