Comment on Duterte pretending to be clean

By Prof. Jose Maria Sison
October 28, 2018

Given the chance, millions of the people will certainly spit on the face of Duterte. He admits to mass murder but still pretends to be clean. But he refuses to make a real bank waiver. He is afraid to show the billions of pesos he stashed away from his electoral campaign fund.

He talks about Faeldon and Lapena being “nalusutan”. But it is obvious that in the interest of his Mafia-like crime family, Duterte obscures and suppresses the facts and paper trail of the tons of shabu being unloaded and taken out of customs. Without proper investigation, he clears the agents of his crime family and drug empire.

Like Marcos whom he idolizes, he has a tyrannical greed for power. Rascals like Marcos and Duterte are hungry for absolute power because of the consequent absolute corruption they wish to enjoy. They think that they are invincible. Pretty soon, the people’s wrath will fall on the numb skull of Duterte.


Gabriela: Anyone would spit in Duterte’s face
Published October 28, 2018 8:17pm

“Anyone” would spit in President Rodrigo Duterte’s face for his unequaled incivility, the Gabriela Women’s Party said.

Party representatives Arlene Brosas and Emmi De Jesus made the remark after Duterte dared his critics to spit in his face if he had ill-gotten wealth.

“Kahit sino ay dudura talaga sa Pangulo dahil sa pagkamuhi sa kanyang walang kaparis na kabastusan. Maliligo siya sa laway ng mamamayang galit na galit sa kanyang kamanyakan at pagka-inutil,” Brosas and De Jesus said in a statement.

On Saturday, Duterte maintained that he had no hidden ill-gotten wealth, contrary to what his critics, particularly Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, has constantly accused him.

He even said that if his bank accounts would prove otherwise, his critics could spit in his face.

“I am telling you the truth and you can check. And kung meron kayong makita which is contrary to what I’m saying now, I’ll give you that right,” Duterte said.

“You can spit on my face. That is my guarantee. Bastusin mo na ako,” he added.

Duterte went on to say that it would be different if a beautiful woman spat at him.

“Kapag babae ka na maganda at dinuraan mo ako, ‘yung laway mo kunin ko,” he said.

“Kung maghalik ‘yung babae kunin ‘yung laway ilagay ko sa dila ko, lapitan ko sabi ko, ‘Isauli ko sa iyo ang laway mo dagdagan ko ng akin dahil maganda ka,'” he added.

He also said that he would again be hearing from “women in Manila” for his misogynistic remarks.

The lawmakers said Duterte’s remarks do not contribute anything helpful to a country beset by so many problems.

“May mga kababaihang magsasakang namasaker, may mga batang natotokhang at mga pamilyang namumrublema sa taas ng bilihin,” they said.

“Ano ang maitutulong ng ganyang mga pahayag ng pangulo sa kumalam na sikmura at karahasang bumabagabag sa mamamayan?” they added.

Brosas and De Jesus said that it is “reprehensible” that Duterte would rather resort to “gross macho antics” when many Filipino women continue to live a poor life due to increasing prices of basic commodities and low salaries.

“We lament that this further contributes to degradation and disrespect of women, and disturbingly sets a very bad example for our children,” they said.

Duterte previously earned the ire of women’s groups after he kissed a Filipino woman in South Korea when he went there for a visit. — Erwin Colcol/BM, GMA News

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