Comment of Jose Maria Sison on Duterte rant against his fellow criminals in the police and military

Comment of Jose Maria Sison on Duterte Rant Against His Fellow Criminals in the Police and Military
2 August 2018/

Duterte himself is the biggest criminal in the country for inciting the police and military to commit mass murder of thousands of suspects and violate human rights, for guaranteeing impunity and for providing rewards in cash and promotions in rank.

He is the No. 1 scalawag and No. 1 inspiration of all the scalawags in the police and military who are now engaged in all kinds of criminal activities, including murder for hire, robbery, extortion and kidnapping for ransom.

Duterte is a shameless hypocrite for threatening his fellow criminals among the police and military with ¨termination¨of their lives for committing crimes lesser than mass murder of which he is the mastermind and for earning sideline income which is so little compared to the plunder and corruption top-level politicians like Duterte and Arroyo engage in.

The Filipino people hold Duterte responsible for promoting criminality and impunity among the police and military. He pretends to be angry at his fellow criminals in authority and he is publicly threatening them with undercover projects to kill them extrajudicially.

There is no end to this madness of promoting criminality among the police and military, unless the presidency of Duterte is terminated and he is replaced by a new leadership that can hold him and his fellow criminals in the police and military to account for their crimes.###

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