Philippine society and revolution

Since the beginning of the work of the union communist reconstruction, we strive in the work of solidarity to the struggle of the Filipino people, which has been waging a popular war directed by the communist party of the Philippines since the late 60’s on the continuation of the revolutionary struggle in the Philippines based clearly on the principles of proletarian internationalism and anti-imperialist international solidarity. […]


Manifestations of Duterte as no. 1 protector of illegal drug trade

It is Duterte and his close relatives who must explain why the drug problem has become worse, why Peter Lim and Peter Co have gone scotfree despite Duterte´s braggart statement that he would kill Peter Lim and despite the fact that no one has been arrested and indicted for the smuggling of shabu worth 6.4 billion pesos, except for the token arrest and detention of a poor bodeguero. […]