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Jose Maria Sison on Duterte’s federalism

If Duterte doesn’t get what he wants with federalism and charter change, he would proclaim a state of emergency and martial law and make the CPP-NPA as scapegoats. That’s why he needs to sabotage the peace negotiations. With martial law, cha-cha would be easy to railroad. And with cha-cha, repressive rule, economic plunder and unbridled corruption, like during Marcos’ dictatorship, would be the norm for his family, corrupt officials, big business, and the Marcoses. […]


Philippine society and revolution

Since the beginning of the work of the union communist reconstruction, we strive in the work of solidarity to the struggle of the Filipino people, which has been waging a popular war directed by the communist party of the Philippines since the late 60’s on the continuation of the revolutionary struggle in the Philippines based clearly on the principles of proletarian internationalism and anti-imperialist international solidarity. […]