Joma: Fighting to stop June 14

Latest suggestion from the GRP is to start the stand down on June 21 instead of June 14. The exact date will be known only from the joint announcement to be made by the GRP and NDFP on or about June 9. […]


Reply to Christian Esguerra of ABS-CBN on matters of security and health

At home, I get personal security from friendly relations with neighbors, the intercom and alarm system of the apartment building and the emergency phone number. There are also the routine police patrols in the neighborhood and possibly electronic surveillance of my phone and digicam coverage of my street. The NDF Information Office to which I go very often is located in the city center of Utrecht and is certainly covered by digicam surveillance and police patrols. […]

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Once more on the question of my return to the Philippines

For my soonest possible interface with Duterte, the NDFP has considered my meeting at the signing of the Interim Peace Agreement, packaging the ceasefire agreement, amnesty proclamation and the ARRD and NIED sections of CASER either in Oslo or Hanoi. But Duterte has insisted that the meeting be in the Philippines. […]

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Joma Sison, wife get P2.4-M in martial law compensation

Julie and I are grateful for the windfall, which cannot fully compensate for the torture and other human rights violations we suffered during the Marcos fascist dictatorship. The most important thing is that the dictatorship is incontrovertibly on historical record as having committed gross and systematic human rights violations […]


Most heartfelt condolences to the Columban Sisters and Family of Sister Mary Radcliffe

Julie and I convey our most heartfelt condolences to the Columban Sisters and Family of Sister Mary Radcliffe. As missionary, she served the Filipino people well, including political prisoners like us during the Marcos dictatorship. She worked with Task Force Detainees, Contak (for international solidarity) and the urban and rural missionaries. Long live her memory and good works! May these inspire future generations to emulate her example! […]

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Threat of nationwide martial law persists

Within the so-called Constitutional Commission, there is the drive of certain pro-Duterte elements headed by a retired general to draw up a a draft federal charter that makes easier the declaration of martial law by citing ¨lawless violence¨ or ¨a series of offensives by the New People´s Army¨ as the basis for the declaration of martial law. […]