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Fight fascist attack on the people

You are absolutely correct in adopting as the theme of your Congress: “Fight the Fascist Attack on the People!” You must raise higher your unity, strength and fighting spirit by having a common understanding of the situation, your experience, your current level of strength and the tasks in advocating and fighting for human rights and people´s rights. […]


Saludamos la fundación del capítulo Colombiano de ILPS, luchar por la justicia social en Colombia y en el mundo

El Comité Internacional de Coordinación y el conjunto de la Liga Internacional de la Lucha de los Pueblos, dan la bienvenida y celebran la fundación de nuestro capítulo nacional en Colombia. Consideramos que este es un evento altamente significativo para el pueblo de Colombia en un momento de creciente lucha popular y empeoramiento de la crisis del sistema gobernante nacional; y para otros pueblos del mundo en un momento de intensificación de la resistencia y la crisis cada vez peor del sistema capitalista mundial. […]


Tribute to Alice Guerrero Guillermo

Long before Alice became accomplished and outstanding as a scholar, a professor, a theorist and critic in the arts and literature, Julie and I separately and jointly became friends with her on the Diliman campus of the University of the Philippines. Alice and Julie were roommates at the UP South Dormitory in the summer of 1957. […]


Most heartfelt condolences to the Columban Sisters and Family of Sister Mary Radcliffe

Julie and I convey our most heartfelt condolences to the Columban Sisters and Family of Sister Mary Radcliffe. As missionary, she served the Filipino people well, including political prisoners like us during the Marcos dictatorship. She worked with Task Force Detainees, Contak (for international solidarity) and the urban and rural missionaries. Long live her memory and good works! May these inspire future generations to emulate her example! […]