Reply to Christian Esguerra of ABS-CBN on matters of security and health

At home, I get personal security from friendly relations with neighbors, the intercom and alarm system of the apartment building and the emergency phone number. There are also the routine police patrols in the neighborhood and possibly electronic surveillance of my phone and digicam coverage of my street. The NDF Information Office to which I go very often is located in the city center of Utrecht and is certainly covered by digicam surveillance and police patrols. […]


Jose Maria Sison on the Purpose and Cost of Armed Struggle

Yes, within 20 years, there is more than enough time for the crises of the ruling system and global system, the relentless struggle of the people for national liberation and democracy and the peace negotiations to generate conditions for the election of a President who is anti-imperialist and progressive, as in the countries of Latin America that you have mentioned. […]