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BIBLIOGRAPHY 1961 – 1990

WRITINGS OF JOSE MARIA SISON (divided according to periods of his life) I. Legal Struggle (1961-68) A. Books 1. Brothers and other Poems (Manila: Filipino Signatures, 1961). 2. Struggle for National Democracy (Quezon City: Progressive Publications, 1967). B. Articles 1. […]

Articles & Speeches

Rizal the Social Critic

By Jose Maria Sison December 29, 1966 Dr. Jose Rizal was the outstanding representative of a numerically small middle class that developed during the 19th century. A complex of historical circumstances, such as the marked acceleration of commerce and intellectual […]

Articles & Speeches

The Need for a Cultural Revolution

Jose Maria Sison September 30, 1966 o have a scientific view of culture as we should, we need to understand first of all that culture is a superstructure that rests upon a material basis. The ideas, institutions and all cultural […]

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Too Bold a Line of Sectarian Direction

Jose Maria Sison August 16, 1961 Dear Dr. Rola: Thank you for reading my essay “Enemies of Intellectual Freedom,” and most of all, for noting chiefly in your letter that it bears an allegation “of immediate concern” to you. I […]

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Enemies of Intellectual Freedom

Jose Maria Sison July 19, 1961 “If our University is to remain the bulwark of academic freedom in the country, its advocates should now identify with the antagonistic forces that seek to undermine, bend or crush it. For quite some […]

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Revolt of the Students

Jose Maria Sison June 14, 1961 Philippine Collegian Dr. Chow Tse-tung The May Fourth Movement: intellectual Revolution in Modern China, Cambridge, Harvard University Press 1960, 486 pp. Dr. Chow Tse-tung’s The May Fourth Movement, the latest of the Harvard East […]