Stichting INPS offers a special two-day seminar course on Philippine society and revolution to any interested entity. The lecturer and discussion leader are provided by the foundation.

The outline of the course is as follows:

1. Philippine History: An Overview
2. Philippine Economy
3. Philippine Politics
4. Philippine Culture
5. Philippine International Relations

The usual preference of Stichting INPS is to provide the seminar course to a group of at least five participants but in exceptional cases it does to less than this number.

The course has been provided to overseas Filipinos, foreign solidarity groups, young Filipinos abroad who seek their roots and individuals who simply want to know more about the Philippines.

The course is adjustable to the given level of knowledge of the participants about the Philippines; and also to their preferences with regard to the time allotment for emphasis on certain subjects or issues.

Arrangements can be made anytime in advance with the Stichting INPS. These must be made at least one month in advance of the seminar course.

The seminar course may be held at the site decided by the Stichting INPS or at the one proposed by another entity and accepted by Stichting INPS.

The costs of the seminar must be paid for by the participants and/or by a sponsoring organization or institution. The costs include: seminar site, board and lodging of the participants and the honoraria (plus travel cost and board and lodging) for the lecturer and discussion leader.