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Jose Maria Sison

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On the historic mission of the proletariat

Since thousands of years ago, upon the advent of civilization with metallurgy, class struggle and literacy, the embryo of capitalism in social relations has been nurtured within slave and feudal societies

Remembering and Honoring Chito Sta. Romana

Greetings and solidarity from the Melbourne

Global capitalism is in acute crisis and can no longer escape or overcome its crisis of overproduction and its’ massive and growing debt.

In the name of pagkakaisa

it is time for Bongbong Marcos to consider conceding defeat to Leni Robredo

May 1, 2022: International Proletarian Day statement waging revolution to oppose the imperialist war

we call on the working class and the peoples of the world to raise the red flag of revolution condemning the US-NATO expansionism

Testimony on the arbitrary censorship and disabling of my Facebook account

On February 10, 2022 I got the notice from Facebook that my account had been disabled and that the decision cannot be reversed

Book: On the United Front

Prof. Jose Maria Sison's latest book On the United Front is available on the following online links:

Tribute to Amaryllis (Ka Marie) Hilao-Enriquez, revolutionary and champion of human rights By Jose Maria Sison, Chief Political Consultant of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines, and Julieta de Lima-Sison, Interim Chairperson of NDFP Negotiating...

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The Marcos, Arroyo and Duterte oligarchs are now moving fast

The Marcos, Arroyo and Duterte oligarchs are now moving fast to establish their big comprador dominance over the Malampaya and Recto Bank gas and oil resources in collaboration with foreign oil and gas monopoly firms

What to expect from Marcos regime II

Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. consistently evaded presenting publicly his platform of government in the course of the campaign for the elections of 2022 in the Philippines
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