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NDLine online: On revisionism

Revisionism is the systematic revision of and deviation from Marxism

On internationalism

The history of the international communist movement can be told by spelling out the outcome of the Manifesto of the Communist Party

Tungkol sa Partido Komunista ng Tsina

Si Mao ang pinakapursigido sa pagkilos sa hanay ng mga magsasaka dahil sa nakakaraming Tsino ay mga magsasaka na walang lupa

Keynote speech to the video conference to celebrate the 48th anniversary of NDFP

The NDFP’s most important role in the democratic revolution is to arouse, organize and mobilize

Joma says Duterte confessed to being a traitor in latest address

Duterte said it is China that is in possession of the territory and that Filipinos could only go there to fish meekly.

Duterte confesses to being a traitor

It is not true that the only option there is for the Philippines is to go to war with China in order to assert sovereignty

On Culture

On Culture Questions from the ND Online School of Anakbayan Europa Pointers to Full Answers by Jose Maria Sison 18 April 2021

There is group inside the AFP called VIBER 300

VIBER 300 demands that Duterte must DENOUNCE China and assert the legal claims of the country in the WPSea

Must read

Whichever presidential and other candidates win, conditions will worsen and favor the revolution

Like all previous electoral exercises staged within the framework of the semicolonial and semifeudal ruling system, the 2022 elections administered by the Duterte regime are intended to conjure the illusion that the people are democratically choosing their own political leaders from among agents of the foreign monopoly capitalists and the local exploiting classes of big compradors, landlords and corrupt bureaucrats

Mas murang bentador si Isko

Nagmukha tuloy na mas murang bentador si Isko at mas pogi ang pangit na Duterte
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