By Prof. Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant
8 December 2006

The Arroyo regime is immoral and treasonous for ramming through the scheme to revise the 1987 charter through a sham constituent assembly of congressmen, excluding the Senate. The fake president Gloria M. Arroyo and Speaker Jose de Venecia deserve the condemnation and opprobrium of the outraged Filipino people.

The nefarious scheme is aimed at cancelling the May 2007 elections, perpetuating the Arroyo regime in power and concentrating unlimited powers on Arroyo under the pretext of changing the form of government from presidential to parliamentary. It is the same trick played by Marcos in 1972-73.

The Arroyo regime is hell-bent on removing all restraints on the powers of the commander-in-chief and on the proclamation of martial law and is obsessed with escalating human rights violations in line with the all-out war policy against the revolutionary movement, the legal opposition and the people and likewise with the Bush policy of global war of terror.

In violation of the national sovereignty of the Filipino people, the regime is set on further selling out the national patrimony under the guise of providing “national treatment” to foreign monopoly investments in all lines of businesses. This is in subservience to the US policy of “free market” globalization which has already ruined the economy.

The puppet regime is also eager to delete from the 1987 constitution the provisions banning foreign military bases, foreign troops and nuclear, biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction in Philippine territory. It follows the dictate of the US to further entrench its military power in the Philippines and make the country a launching base of US aggression in East Asia.

It is fine that so many formidable and respected institutions, organizations and personages, reflecting the common interest and sentiments of the Filipino people in their tens of millions, have stood up and voiced out loud and clear their opposition to the charter change scheme of the Arroyo regime.

We urge everyone to join the nationwide localized protest mass actions and the central mass gathering at the Rizal Park in the coming days. The Arroyo regime will only succeed in fanning the flames of the armed revolution if it ignores or suppresses through military and police action the resounding clamor of the people for doing away with the regime’s charter-change scheme. ###