A comment on Duterte and Mocha Uson

By Joma Sison

After being used up and thrown away as rubbish by her master Duterte, Mocha Uson wants to raise her political stock at the expense of the CPP and NPA which she falsely accuses of wanting to kill her. Such a verbal stunt or fantasy
of Mocha will not gain her a seat in the Senate but a hand wave of dismissal or a passing chuckle at a low kind of absurdity.

Even the abominable monster Duterte, whom many people want to get rid of because of the soaring prices of food and other basic goods, the mass murder of poor people in urban slums and countryside and the rampant corruption, has been assured by the CPP and NPA that they wish to keep him alive so that he will be able to pay for his crimes in prison.

There is absolutely no reason for the CPP and NPA even to wish the untimely death pf Mocha. She is at best allowed to expose herself as an excrescence, the mere vomit of an abominable monster like Duterte. She may not be as bad as Duterte in terms of outright violence against the poor but she has been responsible for a lot of fake news and the vulgarity of the regime.


‘PARA ALAM N’YO’ | Mocha Uson: Blame communists if I get killed
3 days ago

(OCTOBER 9, 2018) – Resigned Presidential Communications Operations Office Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson on Tuesday once again lashed at communist rebels, saying they should be blamed if she gets killed.

Uson made the remark when asked if she’s able to go around without someone accompanying her.

“Ayaw [ko] ng security. Kaya lang ‘yung manager ko, sabi kailangan na raw kasi mga komunista na itong binabangga ko eh,” she said in an interview with One News’ Agenda.

“Pero kung ako ang tatanungin, okay lang sa’kin [na walang security]. Kaya ‘pag ako namatay, kilala n’yo na kung sino–NPA ang nagpapatay sa akin,” she added.

The former PCOO official has been vocal against communist rebels, even saying in the same interview that some of them are holding party-list seats in Congress.

Asked if she “hates” party-list representatives, she said: “Hindi lahat. ‘Yung mga komunista lang dun.”

Prior to resigning, Uson interviewed a group of Lumad leaders who were coerced and killed by communist rebels. This allegedly sparked the supposed communist hatred toward Uson.


Meanwhile, Uson maintained she has no final decision yet as to whether she’s seeking a House or Senate seat, but said she’s open to run as party-list representative.

“Isa rin po ‘yun [sa mga kino-consider ko]. Humihingi ako ng advice sa netizens so wala pa po akong final decision until the filing,” she said.

Uson, who recently tendered her resignation as communications assistant secretary, confirmed yesterday that she will run for the midterm polls.

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