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Duterte is delusional

He is taking too much of Fentanyl. Thus, he is pipe dreaming. He forgets that the campaigns of mass murder, mass intimidation, fake surrenders and fake encounters under Oplan Kapayapaan are angering the people and inciting them to íntensify their resistance. […]

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Overview: Historic significance and continuing relevance of the first quarter storm of 1970

The FQS of 1970 could arise only because it was moved by the tradition and spirit of the Philippine revolution and the urgent desire to continue the Filipino people´s struggle for national liberation and democracy and was preceded by a chain of mass actions in the 1960´s that started on March 15, 1961 when 5000 students broke into Congress and literally scuttled the anticommunist hearings being conducted to witchhunt the authors and publishers of anti-imperialist and anti-feudal articles that had appeared in official publications of the University of the Philippines. […]