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Great achievements of the CPP in 50 years of waging revolution

Author´s Note: As founding chairman of the Communist Party of the Philippines, I have been asked by academic, journalist and activist friends and many other people to evaluate the CPP in the last 50 years and describe its current situation and prospects. All of them are anticipating the fast approaching golden anniversary of the CPP. I write this article on the basis of my previous experience and on the basis of publicly available documents. […]


Comment on the widening budgetary deficit

The budgetary deficit under the tyrannical US-Duterte regime has widened in a big way and will further widen. The regime reduces the allocations for health and other social services but knows no limits for allocating funds for the office of the president, the pork barrel of the legislators, the military and the police. Bureaucratic corruption is rampant. […]

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Comment on the Deteriorating Balance of Payments

The Philippine balance of payments has deteriorated and will further deteriorate. The maturing debt will grow at an accelerated rate and the inflow of portfolio investments (hot money from the hedge funds) will continue to decelerate because of rising US interest rate. […]