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Duterte-Lorenzana notion of localized peace talks is totally absurd and stupid for five major reasons

Duterte and Lorenzana should admit that you have all along been sabotaging the GRP-NDFP peace negotiations, canceling and terminating these so often due to your failure to reduce them to mere surrender negotiations and now you are so frustrated with your utter failure to make the NDFP capitulate that you are at the end of your wits by touting the absurd and stupid notion of localized peace talks […]

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Why the Duterte regime is isolated and hated by the Filipino people

After two years of broken electoral promises, mass murder, corruption, deterioration of the economy and sell-out of Philippine sovereign rights, the Duterte regime is isolated and extremely hated by the broad masses of the Filipino people, contrary to persistent pro-Duterte propaganda churned out by the reactionary bureaucracy and the military, mercenary poll survey firms, a major part of the mass media and troll armies deployed by Duterte and his allies. […]

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Duterte is really crazy

The local peace and order councils and the military stage ¨peace” meetings in which military assets are misrepresented as NPA representatives or surrenderers and the captive audience is photographed and publicized as people turning against the NPA. This is a stupid waste of public money. […]