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ILPS condemns massacre of Palestinians by Israel

This latest massacre of Palestinians by Israeli soldiers killed 60 and wounded 2,000 others. One of the casualties was an eight-month-old baby girl, Laila Anwar al-Ghandor. Israeli snipers were shooting with live bullets at the protesters including at children, women, journalists and paramedics. […]

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“A persistente validade e vitalidade do marxismo”

Nós fizemos uma crítica renovada do capitalismo e do capitalismo monopolista; esforçamo-nos para revigorar o movimento revolucionário do proletariado e demais classes populares para dar um fim à monstruosidade que se tornou o capitalismo monopolista e concretizar a fase de transição ao comunismo, o socialismo. Como Marx há muito nos dissera, a questão é transformar o mundo. […]


Keynote address to the global launch of Marx@200 celebration

For several decades, we seem to be trapped in a world of recurrently worsening crises, social turmoil and wars in the era of modern imperialism and proletarian revolution. But we are now in a period of transition to a world of revolutionary flow against the evils and rottenness of decadent monopoly finance capitalism. […]

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Continuing validity and vitality of Marxism

Marx developed the theory of proletarian revolution on the high road of the development of civilization. He drew from the most advanced sources of knowledge of his time in order to formulate the three component parts of Marxism: materialist philosophy, political economy and social science […]

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Patuloy na bisa at sigla ng Marxismo

Muli tayong gumagawa ng kritika ng kapitalismo at monopolyo kapitalismo at nagsisikap na muling pasiglahin ang rebolusyonaryong kilusan ng proletaryado at mamamayan upang wakasan ang hinantungang pagkahalimaw ng monopolyo kapitalismo at kamtin ang sosyalismo bilang paghahanda sa komunismo. Tulad ng idinidiin sa atin noon ni Marx, ang punto ay baguhin ang mundo […]