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ILPS condemns BJP-led Indian government for Gadchiroli massacre

Reports coming from various sources have cast doubts on the official version issued by the Indian authorities on the said incident.
The Indian government has often been guilty in the past of announcing “fake encounters” misrepresenting the massacre of civilians as armed encounters between government security forces and Maoist fighters. […]


NDFP vows to fight for national freedom, democracy and international solidarity as it celebrates 45th anniversary; honors international friends of the Filipino people

The NDFP International Information Office (NDFPIO) led in the celebrations in Europe as it gathered more than 100 European friends, solidarity activists, Filipino supporters and allies and dozens of organizations, in a joyous celebration under the theme: ¨Build the Broadest United Front to Strengthen the Organs of Political Power and the People´s Democratic Government (PDR), last April 21, 2018 at the Ru Pare Complex in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. […]


Build the broadest united front to strengthen the organs of political power and the people’s democratic government

For the first time in the history of the NDFP, we refrained for about a year (2016-17) from denouncing the Duterte regime as a puppet reactionary regime to give it a chance to prove what Duterte meant by proclaiming himself to being ¨Left¨ and ¨socialist¨; being against the US and the oligarchy; and being for reforms and for an independent foreign policy. […]