‘Duterte is a coward through and through’

Duterte is a coward through and through. He has backed out from his previous public threats to kill his own compadre the Cebu-based drug lord Peter Lim and Governor Espino of Pangasinan and General Garbo whom he accused of protecting the biggest drug syndicates. […]


Joma: ‘Duterte is No. 1 drug addict’

If there is one person who stands as the police’s “most fitting target” in their violent crackdown on illegal drugs, it is the country’s’ “number 1” addict, President Rodrigo Duterte, Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) founder Jose Maria Sison said on Sunday. […]


Joma: I’ll return to PH on my terms

Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) founder Jose Maria Sison on Friday said he would return to the Philippines on his own terms and not on the dictates of President Duterte.

“If deemed necessary by the revolutionary movement, I will return to the Philippines to fight the Duterte puppet regime of US imperialism,” Sison said in online interviews. […]

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Joma Sison’s Response to Duterte’s Statement I do not have to prove again that I have the revolutionary will and courage to wage armed struggle against oppression. I was an active part of the people’s war against the Marcos regime for nine years, 1969 to […]


On Revolutionary Taxation

The tax collected by the revolutionary government is very small compared to that collected by the reactionary government but is used mainly for the social and economic programs of the people and secondarily for administration by cadres and for the maintenance and expansion of the New People’s Army. […]