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Testimony on the Arbitrary Censorship and Disabling of My Facebook Account

I make this testimony to establish the basis of my complaint against Facebook and to signify my joining the Collective Facebook as a collective action lawsuit to compel legal recognition of Facebook as a public domain that should be under ownership and control of its users: Facebook must be collectivized.

AFP admission of baseless red-tagging, mass murder, fake surrenders and corruption

The credibility problem of the reactionary military begins with the fact that they are the brutal and corrupt instrument of US imperialism and the local exploiting classes

The PEPP is absolutely correct

attacks being carried out by the military under Duterte are in violation of human rights and international law because they are indiscriminate attacks against civilian communities and they provoke


Climate Crisis Special: System change not climate change!

Questions from ND Online School of Anakbayan-Europa Answers by Jose Maria Sison

ITANONG MO KAY PROF Topic: Eleksyong 2022: Saan talaga patungo?

Mahalaga ang bumoto ng kandidatong lumalaban sa tambalang Marcos-Duterte pero mahalaga ding lumahok sa pambansang kilusan na magtatanggol sa karamihan sa atin na inuulila, ninanakawan, pinapahiya, tinatakot at tinatanggalan ng karapatan


Hinggil Sa Usapin ng Taiwan sa Pagitan ng Tsina at US

Talakayan kay Prop. Jose Maria Sison at iba pa Sa pangunguna ng Paaralang Jose Maria Sison ng Bagong Alyansang Makabayan - NCR sa pakikipagtulungan sa Kilusang Mayo Uno - NCR at League of Filipino Students - NCR. Sa Agosto 14, 2022

Celebrate Ka Fidel’s Lifetime Struggle for Freedom, Democracy and Peace

Message of Solidarity on the Celebration of 78th Birthday of the late Fidel Agcaoili By Jose Maria Sison Founding Chairman, Communist Party of the Philippines August 8, 2022

Historical and Global Context of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Speech of Jose Maria Sison at the Webinar Chairperson Emeritus, International League of Peoples’ Struggle July 20, 2022

Upsurge of people’s resistance in the Philippines and the world

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Tungkol sa buhay ni Ka Joma

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Jose Maria Sison meets and talks with Prime Minister Kyell Magne Bondevik of the Royal Norwegian Government

In the course of GRP-NDFP peace negotiations in Norway , Jose Maria Sison meets and talks with Prime Minister Kyell Magne Bondevik of the Royal Norwegian Government.

Jose Maria Sison receives the Southeast Asia WRITE Award

The literary award is considered the most prestigious in Southeast Asia. The awardees are nominated by national writers' organizations


Message of Solidarity to the People’s Movement & Caravan for Truth, Justice and Change

By Jose Maria Sison Chairperson Emeritus, International League of Peoples’ Struggle August 21, 2022


Statement by Jose Maria Sison Founding Chairman of the Communist Party of the Philippines & Chief Political Consultant of the National Democratic Front August 17, 2022

Articles & Speeches



Since 1961, more than 50 books written by Jose Maria Sison have been published in English, Filipino and other languages. The books listed hereunder chronologically are mostly available from libraries of major Philippine, US and West European universities, Popular Bookstore in Manila and NDFP International Information Office in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

On the GRP-NDFP Peace Negotiations Book Launch

On the GRP-NDFP Peace Negotiations Book Launch June 28, 2022

On the United Front

Promotional video for Sison Reader Series Book 8 On the United Front

Jingle for book launch on march 27, 2022

Jingle for book launch on march 27, 2022 of "On People's War", "Imperilaism in Turmoil Socialism in Prospect"

Crush the Revolution?

The fascists often threaten To crush the revolution By murdering more heroes Of the people tempered In the flames of the struggle.


Joma Sings September Song

Joma sings Impossible Dream

Joma sings Smile