28/05/2015 //

Prof. Jose Maria Sison is flanked by stage director Mitchy Saturay and visual artist Martha Mareietta Atienza at the screening of The Guerrilla Is a Poet at the Basissis voor Actuele Kunst. Jonas Staal, Maria Hjavajova and Prof. Jose Maria Sison at the People’s Art Exhibition at Utrexcht [more]

New World Summit Leiden – Professor Jose Maria Sison

28/05/2015 //

Jose Maria Sison is the founding chairman of the Communist Party of the Philippines and its armed wing, the New People’s Army. Both organizations are currently included in “terrorrist” lists as a result of their ongoing armed struggle against the government of what they describe [more]

New World Summit Leiden – Jan Fermon

28/05/2015 //

Prominent Belgian lawyer Jan Fermon speaks at the New World Summit in Leiden on the case of Prof. Jose Maria Sison. He led the panel of legal luminaries that succeeded in having the European Court of Justice remove the name of Prof. Sison from the EU terrorist list after many years of [more]


25/05/2015 //

Prof. Jose Maria Sison lectures on How to Organize the Revolutionary Movement to students on Political Mobilization at the Centre for Conflict Studies, University of Utrecht on 6 December 2010. [Photo: jonb] Prof. Jose Maria Sison on the Marxian Critique of the Neoloberal Economic Agenda. Lecture [more]
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